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What Age can a Child decide which Parent gets Custody?

At what age can a child or teenager decide which parent to live with in South Africa? Can a child decide which parent gets custody over them? These are common questions which also depend on the Father and Mother's circumstances. When a divorce between two parents is inevitable, the … [Read More...]

Important Divorce Questions to ask your Divorce Lawyer

There are some important divorce questions to ask when you meet with a divorce lawyer in South Africa. Most people contemplating divorce will consult an attorney to settle their affairs. It is important to approach your first meeting having prepared questions to ask your lawyer. So you can … [Read More...]

Free Legal Advice in South Africa

Free legal advice is available online in South Africa to you. If you cannot afford expensive lawyers and need advice on legal matters. The following will help you with fair and proper guidance relating to your lawful rights in SA. Free legal advice topics often include divorce law … [Read More...]

Free criminal Record Check

A free criminal record check in South Africa and crime information happens online in different ways. This helps you find out the identity of an offender. And you need more than just an ID number to run a check. Mainly via searching through databases. Reasons to Run a Free Criminal Record … [Read More...]

Legal Separation before Divorce What’s Involved?

When your marriage is on the rocks, there are so many legal, practical and logistical considerations. Which are generally the last thing you want to be thinking about. Legal separation before divorce is an option. Find out what’s involved before deciding if this is the right route for you … [Read More...]

Clientele Legal Protection in South Africa

Clientele legal protection for South Africa residents is available when you need low cost legal advice cover with no waiting period. Professional lawyers are available. If you need help with legal divorce, child custody issues, labour law, criminal matters. And just about any other issues … [Read More...]