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Legal Separation before Divorce What’s Involved?

When your marriage is on the rocks, there are so many legal, practical and logistical considerations. Which are generally the last thing you want to be thinking about. Legal separation before divorce is an option. Find out what’s involved before deciding if this is the right route for you … [Read More...]

Clientele Legal Protection in South Africa

Clientele legal protection for South Africa residents is available when you need low cost legal advice cover with no waiting period. Professional lawyers are available. If you need help with legal divorce, child custody issues, labour law, criminal matters. And just about any other issues … [Read More...]

What Age can a Child decide which Parent gets Custody?

At what age can a child or teenager decide which parent to live with in South Africa? It's a common question which also depends on the Father and Mother's circumstances. When a divorce between two parents is inevitable, the couple and/or the court must come to an agreement. As to which … [Read More...]

Legal Aid Services in South Africa

With the high costs of legal fees, some people have no choice but to turn to Legal Aid services, is this a good or bad idea? When it comes to the law, there is no messing around. Legal aid can cover: Maintenance Family Divorce Children and child justice Domestic Criminal … [Read More...]

When you Need a Lawyer but have no Money

If you need a lawyer but have no money there are ways to get free legal advice. In South Africa you can find yourself in a position where you need a lawyer but can't afford one. So what do you do? Lawyers people look for when they can't afford one: Divorce lawyers Child Custody … [Read More...]

Verbal Abuse at Work

Verbal abuse at work is something nobody should tolerate. There is no room for verbal abuse in the workplace in South Africa. For which there is a clear definition in South African law. The definition is complex. But basically you should never feel like the way that your boss or a … [Read More...]