Repossession Laws in South Africa

The repossession laws protect your rights in South Africa regarding the process of repossession. Items that can be repossessed in South Africa include: Houses Cars Bakkies Caravans Motorcycles Furniture Items bought on Hire Purchase If you are at risk of losing an asset … [Read More...]

Free Legal Advice

Free legal advice is available online to you. If you cannot afford expensive lawyers and need advice on legal matters. Free help and tips on topics such as: divorce law child custody bankruptcy business law accident claims maintenance issues family law Individual cases … [Read More...]

Surrogate Mothers around South Africa

Many couples find it devastating if they are unable to bear children on their own, but surrogate mothers around South Africa offer up their wombs for 9 months to give people the bundle of joy they are so longing for. The act of surrogacy dated back to the days of the Bible, where women … [Read More...]

Legal Aid and Law Advice Online

The public’s general perception of the law and legal industry is not positive but have the public ever considered legal aid and law advice online? Many people's contact with lawyers to date has been brief but totally confusing at times. Some just do not speak lawyer or have the faintest … [Read More...]

Who Pays the Legal Costs of a Divorce?

Who pays the legal costs of a divorce? This is an important question to ask your lawyer if you want to get divorced as in many cases parties may not be required to pay the legal fees. For example should you be the person applying for divorce, you can instruct your lawyer to claim part of … [Read More...]

DIY Divorce

DIY divorce may seem like a bizarre concept, however if you are short on cash and cannot afford to spend thousands on lawyer’s fees then this could be an option for you. Going through a divorce is emotionally draining and there is nothing worse than having to deal with the financial drain … [Read More...]