Free criminal Records Checks

Free criminal records checks and information can be done online in different ways. Mainly via searching through free criminal record database checks.It goes without saying that the world in general has become more and more crime ridden over time. For the past several years, people all … [Read More...]

10 Questions to ask your Divorce Attorney

Most people contemplating divorce will consult a divorce attorney to settle their affairs. It is important to approach your first meeting having prepared 10 questions to ask your lawyer to ensure that you get all the information you need to help you understand the process of divorce, if … [Read More...]

Legal Child Maintenance Act of South Africa

If you have been through a divorce and have children, you will need to understand the legal Child Maintenance Act of South Africa thoroughly. Child maintenance involves the “ongoing obligation to make periodic payments to sustain a child or children”. Normally maintenance only becomes an … [Read More...]

Medical Negligence and Malpractice Attorneys

Medical negligence and malpractice attorneys are your best bet if you or a family member has suffered at the hands of a medical practitioner who was supposed to try to make you or your family members better rather than worse.When you visit a doctor, you expect and deserve them to treat … [Read More...]

Acknowledging Help on Legal Divorce

If you are about to separate with your partner you may need advice on acknowledging help on legal divorce. There are many different attorneys who specialise in family and divorce law and who will be able to help you to sort out the separation of your assets, the custody of your children … [Read More...]

Changing your Matrimonial Property Regime

If you are interested in changing your matrimonial property regime you will need to clearly understand how the process works and where to get professional assistance. There are several different ways to alter the matrimonial property regime that you and your spouse have. It is, however, … [Read More...]