Divorce Procedure in South Africa

The divorce procedure in South Africa is much like it is anywhere else. It involves courts and child custody rights if there are kids, as well as other processes. If you try and cannot fix your broken marriage. And getting a divorce is the only option. Then you have to make sure you have … [Read More...]

Public Records Searches

Public records searches help you to search in South Africa and lookup free information online. Things like a persons criminal activity, marriage, divorce, and civil court. In addition, personal property, people that are wanted. And any other details that may be on record about someones … [Read More...]

Criminal Record Database Searches

Criminal record database searches in South Africa are if you need to find out whether a person has a criminal record or not. There are lots of reasons someone would want to find out if a person has a criminal record. For instance, when someone is looking to employ someone. Or if a person … [Read More...]

Child Maintenance Lawyers and Advice

Child maintenance lawyers offer advice in the area of how much maintenance money should be payed. Payments to a parent of a child or children after a divorce or separation of the parents has taken place.Both parents of children have to by law to support them financially. And a child … [Read More...]

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney authorises a party to act on another persons behalf in business and legal matters. Templates, forms and samples of letters for South Africa residents are available online for download. The person authorised is commonly known as the agent or simply the attorney. While the … [Read More...]

Child Maintenance Support Information For Parents

Child maintenance support must be paid by a parent who does not have their child living with them. Free legal advice on maintenance issues is available throughout this website and others online. For parents who need information on important issues such as this. That may affect the future … [Read More...]