What is Common Law Marriage?

Common law marriage is when two people have been in a relationship for a length of time. And have been living together as though they were married. In countries where this type of law applies... If either of the two parties goes to court they can have rights as though they were husband and … [Read More...]

How to Become a Lawyer

Looking for info on how to become a lawyer? In that case, you must be very determined and willing to study further. There are universities in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria where you can study. And get the degree you need in order for you to become one of the best lawyers in … [Read More...]

Know the South African Divorce Law

Know the South African Divorce Law. It is an important step to protect yourself when a marriage is ending. A separation or a divorce is always upsetting. Especially when it involves children. And it is important to be able to protect yourself legally. It is also good to go to marriage … [Read More...]

Common Law Marriage

Common Law Marriage is a known substitute to a traditional wedding/marriage. If you live together and wish to be husband and wife you are able to become common law partners. Without having a wedding or a license. If you plan on getting married and just act like you are married. You will be … [Read More...]

Cheap Divorce Lawyers

Cheap divorce lawyers are available if you are short of money and need a cheap divorce lawyer to help with legal matters. And family law issues that arise before, during and after the divorce process. If a couple find themselves in the position of not being able to afford a lawyer. Then it … [Read More...]

Cheap Legal Advice From Legal Wise South Africa

Legal wise is a South African company that offers cheap legal advice and access to a lawyer when you want one. You and your family can become members for a cheap monthly fee. Which gives you access to assistance and to an attorney in the event that you have to go to court.So many … [Read More...]